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Run lines. Test sound cues. Ask the Holy Spirit to move through the audience. The congregation of Living Way Church has devised an original new play that, if done well, will save souls for the Kingdom of God. From set-up, rehearsal, production, to strike, HEAVEN'S GATES... eavesdrops on a community discovering what it takes to bring heaven to earth. An intimate examination of a faith community behind closed doors, HEAVEN'S GATES... is a big-little play at the intersection of performance and faith, judgment and redemption, and the indignity and dignity of making new things. 

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A couple moves into the same apartment. Their pet birds move into separate cages. Pecking, nesting, and mating ensue. Sweet until it's dark, funny until it's sinister, cozy until it's incestuous, SWEETPEA explores the (im)possibility of intimacy and the absurdity of sharing space.

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Ophelia had everything: the boyfriend, the plan, the dress. Her life was a comedy. Until it really, really wasn’t. Set underwater in the mind of Hamlet’s forgotten, drowned heroine seconds after falling (or jumping?) into the water, Ophelia cross-examines her story, her existence, and most importantly - her ending. Janielle Kastner’s aggressively contemporary play explores the good news, the bad news, and the ultimate cost of being a very good girl. World-premiere in 2016 by The Tribe. 

"Highlighting Kastner's talent for juxtaposing timeless concerns... A rich and exciting first play. We look forward to seeing what Kastner does next." - Dallas Observer 

"[...] Kastner's timely and thought-provoking one-woman play."
- TheaterJones

Download script at: New Play Exchange