(a theatre incubation group adopting one artist at a time to cultivate
new work in Dallas)

The Tribe: A theatre collective serving one artist at a time to cultivate new work in Dallas.

The Tribe is an immediate support network for theatre artists, providing collective support in individualized ways (typically adopting one artist a month). Co-founded by Brigham Mosley, Dylan Key, Janielle Kastner, Katherine Bourne Taylor, David Price, Ruben Carrazana, The Tribe combines their resources, heart, ingenuity and sweat-equity in order to answer the question, "What do you need right now to make new work?" Maybe you've got a first-draft that needs a reading, or a fifth-draft that needs a workshop, or an unconventional new solo performance idea that needs several retail spaces and people to hold flashlights, or the inkling of a cabaret act that needs a cabaret night, or you're ready for a full production and need a production team -- we've done all of that and loved it! The goal is to provide emerging artists with focused energy and support, to help make Dallas' riskiest new work a reality. 

Recipients of the 2016 MASTERMINDS AWARD from Dallas Observer. 

“I think it came down to having tremendous faith in each other’s work,” says Kastner. “And I thought, ‘I want to see the script on your desktop. If you’re not going to ask someone to [produce] it, I’ll ask.’” Better yet, they could do it all themselves.The name they chose for their group, The Tribe, speaks to this go-it-alone attitude. They serve as each other’s producers, directors, cheerleaders or whatever else is needed." 


  • OPHELIA UNDERWATER by Janielle Kastner, directed by Carson McCain -- Workshop & World Premiere
  • DALLAS ETC devised by ensemble -- Workshop & World Premiere
  • LIL' conceived by Katherine Bourne, written by Brigham Mosley, directed by Aneesha Kudtarker -- Workshop Production
  • SIAMESE the band -- Musical/Devised Performance Incubation
  • WIDOWS by Brigham Mosley -- Staged Reading
  • STACY HAS A THING FOR BLACK GUYS by Ruben Carrazana, directed by Jeffrey Bryant Moffitt-- World Premiere
  • HYPOCHONDRIA by Claire Carson -- World Premiere
  • ENFRANCHISED YOUTH by Brigham Mosley, directed by Dylan Key -- Workshop Production