There Are Only Seven Breakfast Foods

There are only seven breakfast foods
Combined and rearranged to form
An endless number of breakfasts
And I am tired of them all.

Not an endless number, I suppose,
When you turn it into an SAT question:

If Jan has
(See Jan wake)
and can combine eggs and bacon to make an omelette;
(See Jan rollover)
and can combine bread and eggs to make an egg-in-the-hole;
(See Jan stare at wall and think)
and can place bacon and avocado on bread to make avocado toast;
(See Jan get up to pee)
and can combine milk and cereal for an out-the-door classic; 
(See Jan avoid what she has to do today)
or combine cereal on yogurt for a somewhat nicer parfait;
(See Jan stop)
or even soak bread in eggs and milk to make french toast;
(See Jan run)
and so on and so forth;
(Run Jan run) 
Then how many options does Jan have this morning?