Things that were true this week:

I was invited to participate in Campfireball, a sort of existential variety show.

I had no new pieces to contribute.

Coming off of MAY I, I'd been meditating on how text interacts with spaces. 

For whatever reason, I really didn't want to be seen but desperately needed to be heard.

It had become easier to find a clever metaphor to hint at the thing, and terrifying to just say the thing itself.

I started to wonder if I could really count on people.

I wanted to see if I was capable of putting my trust entirely in a room full of strangers. If I needed something from mankind in order to make the play happen, would they provide?  

What came out of me was a PowerPointPlay. It is terrifying to show up to an audience with work that might not work, to say what you mean, to require something of others. It is glorious when someone decides to raise their hand.

Check out PowerPointPlay here: PLAY.PPT