Would the Girls of GIRLS watch the show GIRLS?

I just watched the series finale of GIRLS, and in ruminating on the end of an era, and reflecting on some of my favorite writing on a show ever, began to wonder: how would the girls of GIRLS feel about GIRLS?

Shoshanna - Loves GIRLS, watches every Sunday night on HBOGo. Or, if she's super busy, catches up on each episode which she also has recorded on her DVR (along with all of the Real Housewives of NY, most of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and a lot of back-logged episodes of Scandal, and the occasional Fixer Upper). She is one of a few of her friends who still invests in a full DVR / subscription / deluxe channel package. She is devastated that GIRLS is ending.  "It's an important show, it, like, makes me feel like my concerns and issues are represented, you know? I'm totally a Marnie."

Marnie - Loved season one, and then fell off somewhere around the end of season two. "The characters are such narcissists, how could you stand to keep watching?" 

Jessa - "It's a television program?"

Hannah - Held off watching GIRLS for as long as she could, ostensibly because she was too busy writing, but mostly because too many people already liked it, and she was jealous that she didn't write it and get an HBO deal first. "Lena Dunham was how young when she made the pilot?" Hannah cries, trying not to take Lena's success as a personal attack against her own future. When she finally caved, she binge-watched seasons 1-5 in three weeks. She tells people the show is "Deeply problematic, but ultimately a worthwhile watch" and "It's just great to have a show made up of so many complicated female voices accepted and celebrated in mainstream pop-culture". She never finishes watching the final episode, and hated the baby plot line.